Founder's Note

Sharisa is more than a brand for me, it is a manifestation of the love that I share for Makeup, Skincare and Nature, blended together.

Being a makeup enthusiast and an advocate for clean beauty myself, I wanted to come up with a makeup brand featuring the kind of products that I would like to use, as a consumer.

With Sharisa, my passion for clean beauty with a mission to make luxury beauty products more accessible comes alive. Sharisa India fills the gap that customers and makeup enthusiasts like me would love to see in the beauty industry.

While Makeup is meant to be used only for the purpose of beautification. Through Sharisa, the vision is to create a line of multifunctional makeup products that are both nourishing and beautifying, are infused with nourishing ingredients that provide skin friendly application.

Hope you enjoy the experience of Skincare enriched Makeup.

-Shefali Jhalani